December 11, 2007

Cookie Mania

Christmas time at my house means cookies--LOTS and LOTS of cookies! For the past several years, my sister, D, and I have hosted a Christmas Cookie Decorating Party to get into the Holiday Spirit.

Our Cookie Party is different than the traditional "Cookie Exchanges" that are popular today. Our Cookie Party is where we bake a million (OK--about a thousand, but it feels like a million!) sugar and gingerbread cookies and invite the women in our family to come over for an afternoon of sugar and spice and everything nice. We provide the cookies, sprinkles and icing and let the ladies go to town. It's a great time for the ladies and the boys sure don't mind the take-aways.

Here are some pics from the much anticipated, never duplicated, 5th Annual Christmas Cookie Decorating Party. What a fun-filled way to start off the Christmas Season!

Step 1 (a week before the party): Measure the Ingredients and Get to Work. It's going to be a long day.....

Step 2 (Day-Of): Set-Up

Step 3: Ladies, Grab Your Pastry Bags

This year, we added a special event The 'Gingerbread' House Decorating Contest. Congratulations to our winner, P, and honorable mentions K and C.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the 5th Annual Cookie Party Participants!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for a great time. We enjoyed the cookies. You have a beautiful home.

Love, Aunt Gerry, Debbie, Paige, Aunt Chrissy

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